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MORryde Culture In Our Own Words


Things like employee empowerment are actually utilized, the leadership trusts in the abilities of their employees.  This goes a long way in building a strong and healthy relationship between managers and coworkers.  There’s also a seeded understanding that co-workers are there to help one another, not put them down.  The positive discussions and friendships built at MORryde lend to the overall happy atmosphere.

Terry Schaefer
Engineering Administration
MORryde team member since 2010


Quick turnaround and extreme service with value added processes are what has made MORryde successful in the industry. 

Calder Hey
Fab Engineering
MORryde team member since 2007


It’s a comfortable, yet professional atmosphere where we can have fun, but also where hard work is expected and rewarded.  The leadership sets a great example of integrity, respect, patience and genuine concern about each employee. 

Jeri Bailey
MORryde team member since 1996


Good people working for good people.

Jeff Ewers
MORryde team member since 2004


The sky is the limit—you set your own limits—you’re not limited by any chain of command or company policies

Ben Yoder
MORryde team members since 2004


When I think of our culture here at MORryde I think of a place where we are allowed to learn by experience, we are encouraged to try new things and if they don't work we aren't ridiculed.  The people are kind, courteous to each other and respected regardless of age or gender.  Other’s successes are celebrated and personal growth is encouraged.   This is a place that encourages, recognizes, and rewards when people go the extra mile.

Jon Kauffman
MORryde team member since 2003


We try to make money and we strive to do it in a way that honors the Golden Rule, both internally and with our customers. We want people to be passionate about what they do and we want to be passionate about our Team, too.

But if I had to describe our culture in just one word, it would be “winning”

Josh Moore
Outside Sales
MORryde team member since 2009


The culture at MORryde is one that I've known intuitively could and should exist in the workplace.  Over the years I have watched people climb the ladder or become otherwise successful and many times their success causes an unwarranted inflation in their own self importance.  I have not seen, and do not expect to see, that type of behavior at MORryde.  Where else could I, as I drive away from the building, have one of the owners wave to me or say "hello Steve" when they pass me?  I believe this attitude, this simple courtesy, makes employees feel they truly a valued part of the company.  

Steve Verace
Quality Department
MORryde team member since 2010


I completely agree that one of our greatest strengths is our culture. I would say that at the heart of it our culture is a paradoxical blend of a laid back work environment interspersed with a need for team members to go to extreme lengths to satisfy our customers when the time arises. I feel the culture is one where people are given a lot of leeway to run or manage their area the way they want to do as long as positive results are seen.

Adam Timmins
MORryde team member since 2006


I feel we have a company culture that empowers individuals to challenge themselves to their limits.  This can be a tough topic for some because they do not really want to be challenged.  These individuals do not last long. 

Dale Bennett
Operations Manager
MORryde team member since 1997



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